Man ‘as round as he was tall’ and other extraordinary lockdown weight loss stories

While many complain they have piled on the pounds during lockdown, some have shared their inspiring weight loss stories.

Among them is Ken Davies, who said a year ago he was “almost as round as he was tall” – to the point where he couldn’t get through his mother’s front door.

Ken told Wales Online he weighed nearly 31 stone, and he recounted: “My mother looked at me and started crying. She said to me: ‘What have you done to yourself?’.

“It flicked a switch in my head, it really upset me. I had to go through the patio doors instead.”

But it hasn’t been easy – some have had plenty to cope with on their journeys, including fighting coronavirus, and the death of loved ones.

Here are some of the best lockdown weight loss stories.

Nia Gore

Nia Gore has battled with her weight since she was just 12, but she has managed to shed an incredible six stone during lockdown and since the end of 2019.

The mobile hairdresser, 43, from the Aberystwyth area, weighed 20st 4lbs by 2019, and admitted she couldn’t resist fish and chips.

Nia said: “I’ve always battled with my weight since I was about 12, I’ve always been somewhat overweight and over the years I’ve tried everything and anything, and then I’d get to a stage when I’d think I can’t be bothered and it fades out.”

She said she struggled with her weight during the time when her husband Neville, who was also known as Dusty, fell seriously ill in 2016.

Healthy eating became less of a priority as she ensured Dusty could enjoy his food as he battled against throat cancer.

Nia said: “My weight has always been up and down but it’s from that time that it went up, and up and up, with no down.

“I know it’s an excuse but there wasn’t enough time to think about eating healthily.

“We’d always go out for food, I’d try and encourage him to eat but it was not doing me any good at all, I was eating large amounts with him.”

Emily Parker

Emily Parker decided she wanted to change her life and by the start of lockdown had shed almost half her body weight.

The mum, 22, from Glanaman, near Ammanford, took the decision to shed the pounds on New Year’s Eve, just hours before the clock struck midnight for the start of 2019.

She was at her heaviest in 2018 and a size 28 and had been overweight since her teenage years, but put on more weight after the birth of her son, two-year-old Jaxson, eventually weighing 20 stone and four pounds.

She said: “My breakfast could look like three bowls of sugary cereals like Coco Pops or something, or toast but instead of having two slices, I would have five,” she said.

“My lunch was usually a cheese toastie, grilled with butter and then in the evening we’d probably have a takeaway which could be a Chinese or kebab.”

Seven months into her new diet, Emily had lost seven stone and the size 16 dress for her friend’s wedding fitted her.

Ken Davies

A man whose weight spiralled to nearly 31 stone and was so big he couldn’t get through his mother’s front door had a wake-up call when she feared he would die before her.

Veteran Ken Davies started piling on the pounds after the end of his 10-year Army career with the Royal Army Ordnance Corps as he was in and out of hospital due to slipped discs.

Between 1991 and 1996 he was left wheelchair-bound as a result of his problems.

Ken’s weight was always around 13 to 14 stone in the Army, between 1981 and 1991, but by 2013 it was up to 30 stone and 8.5lbs.

His mother Margaret Holborn, 77, was horrified and he was on a cocktail of tablets just to stay alive. His girth was almost the same as his height.

Ken, 57, of New Quay, said: “I was under the heart surgeon as there was so much fat around my heart, my valves weren’t closing. There was not enough oxygen going to my brain. I had 14 tablets a day to keep me alive, I was type two diabetes as well.”

He added: “When I was at my heaviest, I went to see my mum and I couldn’t get through her front door, she looked at me and started crying. She said to me: ‘What have you done to yourself?’. It flicked a switch in my head, it really upset me. I had to go through the patio doors instead.”

He took up swimming again to help him to get back into shape in 2015. In the space of just a year he lost a staggering 14.5 stone.

He said: “In 2019, I went back to Slimming World. I was 22.5 stone then, I wanted to get my weight down. I got down to 15 stone that was the target I set. Since January, 2019 I have lost 8.5 stone – my total weight loss journey is 16 stone and five and a half pounds.”